Adventure Activities in Coorg

Adventure Activities in Coorg

The best things to do in Coorg is outdoor sports. Fondly called The Scotland of India or even the Switzerland of India, it’s a lush, green blanket covering ranges of Green & Misty Hills, and valleys, great for mountain biking and trekking. Of course, if you could also come here for some time to cool off, or as a break from the usual tourist hot spots. Coorg has various options for adventure lovers. Some of the attractions are Trekking , Sky Adventures, Canoeing , Kayaking , Rappelling , White Water Rafting, Rock Climbing, Hawk Adventures, Jungle Camping, River Crossing, Snorkelling, Lessons, Mountain Hiking, Night Mountain, Drive, Team Building, Exercise, Dirt Carting, Dirt track racing etc.,

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Coorg is one of the best choices for the trekkers. Tourists can travel around the Coorg, enjoying the amazing natural beauty in the monsoon season. Your trip in Coorg completes only after Trekking. Trekking amidst the dense forest through remote   For More.....

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Hiking & Rock Climbing:

 Honnamana Kere is a hotspot for trekking & rock climbing. Adjacent cliffs (Gavi betta and Mori betta) are favourites of adventure lovers. If you prefer to be relaxed you can take a hike in the coffee plantations. Prominent trekking points include  For More....
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The Whitewater rafting:
 Lead under the expert supervision of Professionals from India & abroad, you are sure to turn into a great fan of this amazing adventure sport after your stint with white water rafting in Coorg. There are couple of adventure clubs in For More....

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Fishing & Angling:

 The Cauvery is known as an angler’s paradise and the huge mahseer is found quite abundantly at the Valnoor area of the river. Get a permit from the Coorg Wildlife Society before you venture here and carry your own fishing rods. You also need to fill For More....

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Nisargadama The relaxed atmosphere at the Nisargadama is exquisite for visitors for boating . Boating in Coorg is truly exiting. Sailing through the nature amidst the tossing green is bliss in itself. Small boats for two or four are available in For More....

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Barapole Rafting:

 The Barapole experience is great in terms of river technicals, white water rapids, rapids gradations, river course, the scenic environment & the management and safety standards adhered to every monsoon. The river For More....

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Hawk Adventures:

 4km Muddy track with lot o f stone and would see lot of agriculture farms like coconut, coco, sugar cane, Banana, Lot of Fruit tree like Mango, Goa, and more. Even you may spot Migrate Birds and Animals with Drive followed by the Bamboo For More....
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Campfire at Beelur Golf Club:
 Beelur, Somwarpet, Coorg (Located 8 km from Somwarpet town). Beelur Golf Club is one of the oldest club in the town. The lush green golf ground attracts many tourists and movie makers. Also famous for kitty party and Campfire. For More....

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Golf Ground/Course:

Whether you’re planning to make golf the focus of your holiday, or simply want to keep your hand in with a quick half-day on the greens, you’ll enjoy the scenic beauty and public accessibility of Coorg’s golfing landscapes. For More....

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