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in September, Kailpodhu is more popularly known as the Festival of Arms celebrated in September. During this, all weapons and arms are removed, cleaned, polished and worshipped before being put to use. The festival also signifies the day when men prepare to guard their crop from wild boars.
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Kaveri Sankramana:

mid-October Day-17, is associated with the river Cauvery. At a predetermined time, when the sun enters Tula Rasi, a fountain from a small tank is said to fill the bigger holy tank at Talacauvery. At this time, people throng in thousands to take a dip in this holy water as well as collect the
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Dassera Festival-(Navrathri celebrations):

in October Madikeri Dassera. Madikeri Dassera Festival : (Navrathri celebrations) Dasara is one of the festivals which is celebrated by all the people of Madikeri. Madikeri Dasara is a 10 day celebration, which is beautified by 4 Karagas and 10 Mantapas depicting killing of .For More….
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Kunde Habba:

The annual “Kunde Habba”, which in local language means “Festival of abusing god”, is a traditional festival of the tribal people in Kodagu District. It is celebrated with fervour at Devarapura area near For More….
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Huthri Festival:
Huthri in November/December Huthri of Karnataka is a harvest festival celebrated in areas around Coorg in Karnataka. Variety of dances and folk songs are performed on the festival day. This harvest festival is celebrated in the months of November-December. For More….
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Kakkada Padhinett-(Ashaada 18th):

On the 18th day of “Kakkada” month, “maddhu soppu” a wild herb’s leaves are said to contain 18 varieties of herbal medicine as the plants emit a sweet aroma only on that day. Maddhu soppu is plucked and boiled in water to get the aromatic juice which will be in dark violet colour. For More….

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