Kuley Puttu ( Steemed Jackfruit Cake) Coorg Recipe

Kuley Puttu ( Steemed Jackfruit Cake)  Coorg Recipe

Kuley Puttu ( Steemed Jackfruit Cake)
- Ingredients:
1 cup pulp of jackfruit or banana (very ripe fruit)
1 cup broken rice rava (Bansi variety)
2 cups jaggery liquidized
¼ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon cardamom powder
50-80gms coconut cut up into small bits
¼ teaspoon cooking soda
Banana Leaves cut into 6!!!x 6!!! pieces
Wash the rice rava. Run the pulp through a sieve. Mix the rice rava and soda with the pulp and keep aside for 1 hour. Later mix this well with jaggery, salt and cardamom. Pass the banana leaves over a flame for a few seconds on both sides to make it more pliable. Onto each leaf pour 4 Tablespoons of the rava mixture and garnish with coconut bits. Fold the banana leaf over the mixture and fasten with toothpicks. Like wise with the remaining pieces of banana leaf. Pile up the folded leaf strips filled with rava mixture in a shallow vessel and steam for 30-40 minutes. Serve with the banana leaf. Apply a little ghee before eating.

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