Madikeri Region Tourist Attraction Places in Coorg

Madikeri Region Tourist Attraction Places in Coorg

[cl-ib image="1836" title="Stuart Hill" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#008000"]
Stone Hill (stuart-hill):

Near Vartha Bhavana Madikeri. You See Beautiful Morning mist Coverd Hills, Sunrise & Sun set. For More....
[cl-ib image="1908" title="Madikeri Fort" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#1e73be"]
Madikeri Fort:

This 19th century fort, in the centre of Madikeri, houses a Ganesha temple, a chapel, a district prison and a small museum. The fort offers a beautiful view of Madikeri. This fort is one of the most beautiful places to visit during the trip to Coorg. Initially this fort was built by
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[cl-ib image="1909" title="Madikeri Palace" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#dd3333"]
Madikeri Palace:
The palace, built in the year 1814 by Lingarajendra Wodeyar II, now houses the offices of Deputy Commissioner, the museum [earlier a Church built by the British] run by the State Archaeology Department,
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[cl-ib image="1915" title="Coorg Museum" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#8224e3"]
Coorg Museum:

Coorg has many tourist places and attractions to offer to its visitors. In the center of the town is the Madikeri Fort, which was built in the 19th century and has a small museum. On display are some arms, armour, historical paintings and articles of the previous rulers.
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[cl-ib title="Gandhi Mantapa" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#008000"]
Gandhi Mantapa:

To the left on the way to Raja’s seat a mantapa is built on the sacred mortal remains of Mahatma Gandhi in 1956. There are two royal tombs at Madikeri. Veerarajendra began the construction of the royal tomb on a hill commanding a view from all directions to the north of Mahadevpet.
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[cl-ib image="1911" title="Gaddige or Gadduge" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#008000"]
Gaddige or Gadduge:
Gaddige/Gadduge, the tombs of King Virarajendra, Lingarajendra and one of their court priests built in the 18th century rest in the northern corner of the town. Two smaller tombs are also located in the same area belonging to their brave and loyal soldiers. The three main tombs,
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[cl-ib image="1921" title="Raja’s Seat" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#1e73be"]
Raja’s Seat

Raja’s Seat was once the official the sunset point for the kings of Kodagu, now making the glorious sunsets available to scores of tourists! Raja’s Seat: So named, because the Kodagu rulers would catch views of the sunset from here. Today, it has a well-maintained garden from where
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[cl-ib image="1920" title="Nehru Mantap" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#1e73be"]
Nehru Mantap:
This place is an ideal escape from the crowd and to spend some lonely time. Situated in the vicinity of Raja’s seat it is normally unnoticed by majority of tourists. The isolated mantap is situated on a moll-hill behind the Madikeri radio station. From the mantap a panaromic view of
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[cl-ib image="1943" title="Abbey Falls" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#1e73be"]
Abbey Falls:

Situated just 7-8kms from the Madikeri town, is one of the most visited spots of Coorg. Appearing suddenly at the end of a narrow lane that passes in between the thick bushes of the private coffee plantations and the spice estates, Abbey Falls makes us surprised by the roaring sound that For More....
[cl-ib title="Chelavara Falls" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#8224e3"]
Chelavara Falls:

Chelavara falls is one among the most beautiful waterfalls in Coorg, yet it is relatively unexplored. This is approximately 4km from the Cheyyendane village. The waterfall is a wonderful view, situated amidst the coffee plantation. A walk for about 10min takes us to
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[cl-ib image="1752" title="Bhagamandala " animation="aidos" bgcolor="#1e73be"]
Bhagamandala and Talacauvery:

is in Madikeri Talku, Kodagu,. The Triveni Sangama is formed here by the convergence of three rivers, Kaveri, Sujyothi and Kanike. For taking a dip at the Sangama permission from the temple authorities is required. This is a pilgrimage center of Coorg. This is a place,
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[cl-ib image="1775" title="Omkareshwara " animation="aidos" bgcolor="#dd3333"]
Omkareshwara Temple:
is in Madikeri City, Kodagu,. (Hours: 6:30 am to 1 pm & 5pm-8pm) This temple is dedicated to Shiva, and was built by Lingarajendra in 1820. It is a mix of Gothic and Islamic styles. There is a tank in front of the temple. There is a footpath leading to a small “Mantap”. For More....
[cl-ib image="1758" title="Paadi Igguthappa" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#8224e3"]
Paadi Igguthappa Temple:
is in Kakkabe, Madikeri Talku, Kodagu,. The temple was built in 1810 by Linga Rajendra . Kodagu’s Paadi Igguthappa temple became a prominent place of worship during King Lingarajendra’s reign. The temple, located atop a hill in a forested area in Kakkabe, has been For More....
[cl-ib image="1748" title="Yemmemadu Dargah" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#dd3333"]
Yemmemadu Dargah Sharief:
is in Napoklu, Madikeri Talku, Kodagu,. the Holy Tomb, of Yemmemadu is one of the most sacred shrines for Muslims in Kodagu district. It is the ‘Dargah’ or the tomb of Hazrath Sufi Shaeed and Sayyed Hassan Sakaf Halramir who came from Persia and devoted their For More....
[cl-ib image="1838" title="Tadiandamol " animation="aidos" bgcolor="#1e73be"]
Tadiandamol Peak:
Tadiandamol is located on the Western Ghats range in Kodagu district and is situated near Nalknad Palace which is 40 km from Madikeri. Tadiandamol is the second highest peak in Karnataka. A combination of scenic beauty yet being not too strenuous, Tadiandamol is For More....
[cl-ib image="1916" title="Nalknad Aramane " animation="aidos" bgcolor="#8224e3"]
Nalknad Aramane (Palace):

After escaping from Tippu sultan’s troops Doddavirarajendra, a Haleri ruler built this palace at Yavakapadi in Nalknad area. This simple palace is famous for its paintings and carvings. Doddaverarajendra married Mahadevammaji here in 1796. While
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[cl-ib image="1827" title="Mandalpatti " animation="aidos" bgcolor="#008000"]
Mandalpatti hills:

The Mandalpatti hills are situated at a distance of 30 kms from the Madikeri town which comes enroute the famous Abbey falls. There is a well connected system of roads which deviates from the Abbi falls and reaches Mandalpatti. The approximate difference For More....

[cl-ib image="1652" title="Golf Ground/Course:" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#1e73be"]
Golf Ground/Course:

Whether you’re planning to make golf the focus of your holiday, or simply want to keep your hand in with a quick half-day on the greens, you’ll enjoy the scenic beauty and public accessibility of Coorg’s golfing landscapes. For More....

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