Somwarpet Region Tourist Attraction Places in Coorg

Somwarpet Region Tourist Attraction Places in Coorg

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Dubare Elephant Camp:
The Dubare Elephant Camp is a chance to get to know these giant, enchanting creatures better. With a host of activities built around this, many a guest has left the camp with a sense of responsibility to do their bit towards protecting elephants. A trained naturalist takes our guests For More....
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Kaveri Nisrgadama:
Forest department is maintaining this wonderful picnic spot, on the banks of river Cauvery, near Kushalnagar. The island is accessible through a Hanging Rope Bridge. There are deer, rabbits, peacocks, and a children’s playground as well as an orchidarium.The hanging bridge,
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Chiklihole Reservoir:

Pronounced as ‘Chikli-holey’, it is a large body of water that offers both relaxation and tranquillity; perfect for holidaymakers and nature lovers looking to escape the stresses of their lives back home.The area surrounding Chiklihole reservoir makes this place particularly For More....

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Harangi Dam:

Harangi Dam, built across the tributary of river Cauveri, is located at Hudugur village that is around 8 kms from kushalnagar. With a height of 47 mts. and 846 mts. length, the dam attracts people mostly during the monsoon season when the released water roaringly For More....

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Tibetan Golden temple,Tibetan refugee settlement, Bylakuppe:
is in Near by Kushalnagar Town, Kodagu. is a major tourist spot on the way to Coorg. The main attractions here are various monasteries. This place is home to thousands of Tibetans living in exile, making it a huge center for Buddhism in South India. For More....
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Mallalli Falls:

Mallalli Falls in Coorg an enchanting sightseeing location that lures with its flush waterfall that descends from a towering height of 62 meters, is worth a visit for all tourists in the region. Known for its lush green environs and characteristic charm, Mallali Falls offers some of the most For More....
[cl-ib image="1874" title="Pushpagiri" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#1e73be"]
Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary:
(Area ( Sq kms ) - 92.65 km², Vegetation - Evergreen and Semi-Evergreen) Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Somwarpet taluk of Kodagu district in southern Karnataka. It is noted as one of the important bird areas of the world and home to rare and endangered bird life. For More....
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Napandapole Falls :

It is 12 kms away from Madapur on the way to Surlabhi. This water fall is situated in the foots of Kote Betta hill area. The Napandapole fall is surrounded by 3 Sub Water falls.
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