Virajpet Region Tourist Attraction Places in Coorg

Virajpet Region Tourist Attraction Places in Coorg

[cl-ib image="1926" title="Virajpet Clock tower" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#dd3333"]
Virajpet Clock tower:
The Virajpet Clock tower stands tall in Virajpet, a city in the district of Kodagu just a few kilometers away from Madikeri. This tower was built to commemorate King George the V’s visit to India almost a 100 years back. It’s a famous landmark in the city.
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[cl-ib image="1783" title="St. Anne’s Church" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#1e73be"]
St. Anne’s Church:
is in Virajpet Town, Kodagu You must visit St. Anne’s Church to see the beautiful European and Gothic style architecture under the direction of Father Gullivan. This church was constructed in 1792. Virajpet is a secular place, and the existence of this church and people’s devotion prove it. For More....
[cl-ib image="1962" title="Perumbadi lake" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#1e73be"]
Perumbadi lake:
Perumbadi lake situated on the border of Kerala in Kodagu Perumbadi lake Homely & Friendly Atmosphere Tranquil Lake. Wild elephants visit the lake to drink water during night. The herd of elephants from Nagarahole reserve forest come in search of food to the lake via For More....
[cl-ib image="1750" title="Ayyappa" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#1e73be"]
Ayyappa Temple:
is in Virajpet Town, Kodagu One of the sacred places for Hindus is the Ayyappa Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, and it is packed by devotees all round the year. For More....
[cl-ib image="1771" title="Mruthyunjaya" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#008000"]
Mruthyunjaya temple:
is in Birunani, Virajpet Talku, Kodagu. the only one in Karnataka is located at Marenad, Badagarakeri village in Kodagu district. The temple is about 51 Kms from virajpet, For More....

[cl-ib image="1657" title="Barapole Rafting" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#008000"]
Barapole Rafting:

The Barapole experience is great in terms of river technicals, white water rapids, rapids gradations, river course, the scenic environment & the management and safety standards adhered to every monsoon. The river For More....
[cl-ib image="1879" title="Nagarhole" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#8224e3"]
Nagarhole National park:

Area ( Sq kms ) - 644 km² Vegetation - Tropical moist deciduous and Tropical dry deciduous) Nagarhole national park (NNP) is located in Kodagu (Coorg) district and lies in the Western Ghats., the enchanting 247 square-mile park in Karnataka has an astonishing For More....
[cl-ib image="1769" title="Irpu Rameshwara" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#008000"]
Irpu Rameshwara Temple:
is in Srimangala, Virajpet Talku, Kodagu,. This is a Ishwara temple but known as Irpu Rameshwara Temple built by Lord Rama and the Shiva Linga was consecrated by the Lord himself. Before you take a dip in the Lakshmana Teertha it is customary to pay your respect first at the For More....
[cl-ib image="1782" title="Ramakrishna Sharadashrama" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#8224e3"]
Sri Ramakrishna Sharadashrama, Ponnampet:
Sri Ramakrishna Sharadashrama, in Kodagu District of Karnataka, set amidst nature’s lap, in the lush, green and serene surroundings of Ponnampet, has been a source of spiritual succour and social reform, ever since its inception in the year 1927. The Ashram, For More....
[cl-ib image="1955" title="Iruppu Falls" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#008000"]
Iruppu Falls:
Iruppu water falls is located at a distance of 50 km from Madikeri, head quarters of Kodagu district and 20 km from Nagarahole National Park bordering the Wayanad district of Kerala. The Iruppu waterfall is surrounded by lush green Western Ghats. The roaring waters of the For More....

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