Where to Stay in Coorg

Where to Stay in Coorg

Visitors to Coorg have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to accommodation in Coorg. From inspiring and luxurious Hotels to eco-friendly Resorts to Homestays that makes you feel very much at home to Coffee Plantation stays where you will spend time wandering around the estate escorted by the plantation owner, travellers are free to select the best option that suits their lifestyle. If it’s nature tour, a time off from the busy city life or relaxation that brings you here then you’ve chosen the right destination. In fact, there are very few places in the whole world that you’d like to call your home and precisely Coorg is one such place.
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Coorg food is an elaborate mix of Indian pepper, curry leaves, and, simply putting it, a lot of other magical ingredients. With a tendency to be a little too hot for the foreign tourist, it does have a great potential to compete with Andhra cuisine. Since the people of Coorg have a warrior background, their food is a little different from the mainly vegetarian cuisine of the rest of India with an abundance of pork, chicken and meat in it. Many dishes reflect a melding of meat, particularly meat and pork. Stews are common, and rice is the main staple diet. And the very famous Coorg coffee to wash it all down. Locally-made chocolate. Available in local shops. Spicy Coorgi food. pandi curry,akki roti,kadubittu,paapittu,idumbalittu,pork pepper dry, Traditional Coorgi oranges.
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Homemade Wine & Tody. Homemade wines are available in local shops across Coorg and toddy is available in the local plantations. The wines come in differing colours, from bright green (betelnut wine!) to pinkish. Coffee. Coffee is widely available all over Coorg/Kodagu. In fact, coffee is widely grown in this region. You can also take back home small coffee packets.   Go Coorg, Madikeri, Get recipes of Coorgs unique food and get all the information on Coorg’s popular food and drinks.
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Elevated living experiences and responsible luxuries in the steep Hill Station of Coorg,
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Stay safe:

If you are visiting Coorg in wet weather seasons, beware of leeches especially while walking through wet grass and in bathrooms/toilets. Watch out for traffic (locals warn about “overloaded lorries”) along the main highways leading into Madikeri, and the winding roads of the region. Speedbreakers on some roads tend to be unmarked. Wild animals are reported on some roads at night and domesticated herds by day too.
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Get out:

Road is the main link to get into and out of Coorg (Kodagu). There is no railway link to the area, the nearest stations being Mysore and Mangalore (approx a hundred km away, in each case). The nearest airport is the Mangalore international airport. Buses connect the region with the outside world, and there are frequent connections particularly to Mysore and Mangalore, two nearby Karnataka cities. Catch either from the main bus stands at Madikeri. Some buses do not require pre-booking, though some do. Check out details locally.
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How to make a Police complaint in Coorg (Kodagu):

There are different ways you can make your complaint. It can either be direct to the Police force concerned or through the online complaint or grievance form. Thanks to technology! Whatever the route you take, all complaints by law must be forwarded to the ‘appropriate authority’ for consideration. Please follow the link and make use of the complaint form should you encounter any problem while in Coorg or Kodagu. We suggest you keep a print-out of Kodagu Police phone numbers handy during your entire stay.

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