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Ankur Public School (CBSE) Napoklu, Kodadu (Coorg)

Ankur Public School (CBSE)
Napoklu, Kodagu (Coorg)

“A fower of knowledge blooms in a scenic garden of children and spreads its fragrance through out the universe”

About Us


A flower of knowledge blooms in a scenic garden of children and spreads its fragrance throughout the universe” in the nineties a good school was long felt need in Napoklu when this need was felt three visionaries of Napoklu embarked on a mission of establishing a CBSE school. Thus Ankur Education Trust was born Ankur Primary School was established in the year 2001 with the motto growing with knowledge”. By imparting quality education to students the school has become popular in and around Kodagu and gradually grew as Ankur Public School The school is started with just three students, every year the number of students increased and now grown to a strength of 350

Ankur Public School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education which is the largest educational board in the country. The school is located at Napoklu which is approx 25 KM from Madiken. It is situated in the midst of lush evergreen environment. The school offers comprehensive and holistic education The aim of the school is to inculcate in the students love for learning and a desire to excel at every level. The school provides educa- tion for all round development appreciating the worth of each student. The students are guided by qualified and dedicated faculty.


Founder president:
late K C Mandanna

K Ratna Chermanna

K M Chermanna

K M Karumbiah



1. The school is equipped with a dedicated teaching staff to take care of the academic front. The school runs classes from Kinder Garten to Grade x
2. The classrooms are large and technology-enabled smart classrooms with interactive signboard systems.
3. The school is equipped with a full-fledged Library, Science Lab& AV room
4. Transportation facilities are provided for the school children and the staff to ply from their respective places to the school.

5. Pupils all religions are admitted without any inter- of reference with their respective creeds

6. Medical facilities are provided to the student in case of sickness during school hours

7. The beautiful atmosphere with a large playground area for sports& games.

Activities & Events


Rules & Regulations

To ensure a smooth administration of the school the students, as well as the parents, are requested to adhere to the following rules and regulations.

1. Children should be at the school at 9:15 AM and leave the school only after 3 45 PM. No students are allowed to go home in between class hours, except in the case of emergency.

2. Parents should not send their relatives to the school to meet their children.

3. littering in and around the school campus in str prohibited Since the school campus is a plastic free zone plastic carry bags are not allowed.

4. School has prescribed a uniform and shade with respect to clothes and footwear It has been observed that certain students follow their own style while getting clothes stitched Specific hair cut is also prescribed Kindly adhere to the pattern specified by the school

5. Children should not carry costly items such as jewellery electrical gadgets, watches and cell phones. Parents are requested to check their bags before leaving them to school

6. The school gives good medical attention to all students In case of serious illness or complication parents are informed

7. Parents are advised not to make unnecessary telephone calls to the principal and school However they can meet the Principal between 3 000 PM to 4 00 PM

8. students are expected to take part in all the extra in curricular activities of the school and no one will be exempted.

9. All students should converse only in English in the school premises.

10. Lending and borrowing things from one another are strictly prohibited

11. The last date for the payment of the 1st instalment of foes is April 15th and 2nd instalment is 30th September of the fee is not paid before the deadline a fine of rs 500 will be levied on the defaulters.

12. it is compulsory for the parents to meet the teacher during parents teachers meet to know the arcade performance as well as the general behaviour of theirs .

13. Children should maintain punctuality and regular attendance and ensure that the home assignment completed.

14. Students who absent themselves from school should produce a leave letter and submit it to the class t A medical certificate has to be produced by the student absented for a long time on medical grounds.

15. Discipline is the key to a great school and a successfully future generation Any act of indiscipline by you discouraged and strict action will be taken by the school authorities.

To ensure a smooth administration of the school the students, as well as the parents, are requested to adhere to the following rules and regulations.

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Ankur Public School (CBSE)
Haletaluk, Napoklu Kodagu – 571214
Tel: 08272-263634
Mob: 9448721318

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