Abbey Falls in Madikeri Coorg

Abbey Falls in Madikeri Coorg

abbey-falls-3-waterfalls-in-coorg-search-coorg-safariAbbey Falls:

Abbey Falls: Situated just 7-8kms from the Madikeri town, is one of the most visited spots of Coorg. Appearing suddenly at the end of a narrow lane that passes in between the thick bushes of the private coffee plantations and the spice estates, Abbey Falls makes us surprised by the roaring sound that shatters the tranquility of the environment. Though called as Jessi waterfalls by the British in the memory of the daughter of Madikeri’s first captain, it got its present name from the word “Abbe” or “Abbi”, which in Coorgie means waterfalls. Part of the Western Ghats, Abbey Falls is basically a combined stream that gushes down the rocky slopes in an enormous speed and hits the boulders and provides a spectacular sight of cascading water which settles down in a calm pool below. The roaring sound of the waterfalls is a stark contrast to the otherwise tranquil environment of Coorg. As the water flows down in a speed it creates a layer of misty cloud that always hang over the mountains and provides a bewitching sight to the onlooker. The falls gains its force during the monsoon as the force is high and usually diminishes in summer as the flow dries up this time


Location: Karnataka, India
Timings: Opening: , Closing:
Distance: From Madikeri km

How to Reach:
Duration of Visit: hour (approximately)

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