Kumaradhara River Falls in Coorg

Kumaradhara River Falls in Coorg

 Kumardhara River Falls:

 Kumardhara River Falls: Kumardhara RiverWaterfalls  It is 28 kms away from Somawarpet. (Kumaradhara River: In the Treta-yuga, Lord Parasurama came to this place and bathed in the River Dhara in order to absolve himself of the sins of exterminating the ksatriya-race twenty one times over. In Dvapara-yuga, when Samba, the son of Sri Krsna was cursed with leprosy, he came to bathe in the Dhara in order to become free from the disease. By smearing the mud from the riverbank over his body and bathing in the river, he regained his orignal beauty. From that time on, the waters of the Dhara River have become famous for curing skin diseases. During this age the Pandavas also visited this holy place).


Location: Karnataka, India
Timings: Opening: , Closing:
Distance: From Madikeri km

How to Reach:
Duration of Visit: hour (approximately)

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