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How to Reach Virajpet

How to Reach Virajpet

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By Air:
Mysore and Mangalore airports are the closest ones to Virajpet. Mangalore International Airport is at a distance of 172 kms from Virajpet . Mysore Airport is at a distance of 115 kms from Virajpet
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By Train:
The nearest railway stations to Virajpet are Mangalore, Mysore and Hassan in Karnataka and Thalassery and Kannur in Kerala. Through these stations Virajpet is connected to all major cities of India.
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By Bus:
If you want to take the bus, there are K.S.R.T.C deluxe buses, which run daily from Bengaluru, Mysore and Mangalore. and From all  Major Cities
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By Road / Self Drive:
Virajpet is well connected to the other districts of Karnataka and the neighbouring state of Kerala through road. Places like Mangalore, Hassan, Bangalore, Kannur, Thalassery, and also Wayanad have roads connecting to Virajpet. The Sampaje-Talatmane-Murnad-Virajpet Ghat road from Mangalore, the Makutta-Perumbadi/Virajpet Ghat road from Kannur and Thalassery and the Panathur-Bhagamandala-Bettageri-Kottamudi-Virajpet Ghat road from Kanhangad and Kasaragod are the roads providing access to Virajpet.
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The Nearest Seaport:
Mangalore to Virajpet - 166 km      Bangalore to Virajpet -241km, 
Coimbatore to Virajpet - 304 km,    Kochi to Virajpet - 348 km,    
Chennai to Virajpet -  575 km

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