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Coorg Waterfalls in Western Ghats

Coorg Waterfalls in Western Ghats

[cl-ib image="1943" title="Abbey Falls" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#1e73be"]
Abbey Falls:

Situated just 7-8kms from the Madikeri town, is one of the most visited spots of Coorg. Appearing suddenly at the end of a narrow lane that passes in between the thick bushes of the private coffee plantations and the spice estates, Abbey Falls makes us surprised by the roaring sound that For More....
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Mallalli Falls:

Mallalli Falls in Coorg an enchanting sightseeing location that lures with its flush waterfall that descends from a towering height of 62 meters, is worth a visit for all tourists in the region. Known for its lush green environs and characteristic charm, Mallali Falls offers some of the most  For More....
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Kumardhara River Falls:
Kumardhara RiverWaterfalls  It is 28 kms away from Somawarpet. (Kumaradhara River: In the Treta-yuga, Lord Parasurama came to this place and bathed in the River Dhara in order to absolve himself of the sins of exterminating the ksatriya-race twenty For More....
[cl-ib image="1955" title="Iruppu Falls" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#008000"]
Iruppu Falls:
Iruppu water falls is located at a distance of 50 km from Madikeri, head quarters of Kodagu district and 20 km from Nagarahole National Park bordering the Wayanad district of Kerala. The Iruppu waterfall is surrounded by lush green Western Ghats. The roaring waters of the For More....
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Barapole Waterfalls:

Barapole Waterfalls  It is 16
kms away from Virajpet on the way to B.Setigeri.
For More....
[cl-ib title="Chelavara Falls" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#8224e3"]
Chelavara Falls:

Chelavara falls is one among the most beautiful waterfalls in Coorg, yet it is relatively unexplored. This is approximately 4km from the Cheyyendane village. The waterfall is a wonderful view, situated amidst the coffee plantation.  A walk for about 10min takes us to 
For More....
[cl-ib title="Napandapole " animation="aidos" bgcolor="#dd3333"]
Napandapole Falls :

It is 12 kms away from Madapur on the way to Surlabhi. This water fall is situated in the foots of Kote Betta hill area. The Napandapole fall is surrounded by 3 Sub Water falls.
For More....
[cl-ib title="Devarakolli " animation="aidos" bgcolor="#1e73be"]
evarakolli Waterfalls:
Fifteen km from Madikeri on Madikeri – Mangalore road is Devarakolli falls. This falls is on the road side and can be found easily.
For More....
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Kabbe Waterfalls :

One of the villagers gave us the direction to the falls. To reach the  Balliyatra(Kabbe) falls, one has to trek for over an hour in slippery path. Since the trip was not meant for trek, people were not ready for it. There is place one could see the falls from a distance. For More....
[cl-ib title="Baganamane " animation="aidos" bgcolor="#dd3333"]
Baganamane Waterfalls:

Baganamane Waterfalls is located off the Madapura-Garwale-Kiragandur Rout, Somwarapete-Coorg. For More....
[cl-ib title="Garwale" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#8224e3"]
Garwale Waterfalls:

Garwale is a Village about about 15 km from Madapur, and 35 km from Madikeri. You Can see a Very beautiful  Waterfalls on the way of Garwale from Madapur. For More....
[cl-ib title="Jodupala" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#008000"]
Jodupala Waterfalls:
Jodupala Waterfalls  is located off the Madkeri - Mangalore Highway. Jodupala is situated just 13kms from Madikeri  City. Jodupala is a must see place with forest and water flows here and there. As you step inside these forest you can rarely see the sky.  For More....
[cl-ib title="Kalyala" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#008000"]
Kalyala Waterfalls:

‘Kalyala Waterfalls’ is located off the Madkeri - Mangalore Highway. It is visible from the highway and looks beautiful. For More....
[cl-ib title="Umbale water falls" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#8224e3"]
Umbale water falls:
This falls is about 40 km from Madikeri.. you need to first go to Madikeri – Mangalore National Highway in small town ‘Kallugundi’ from Madikeri than ask for Chembu village. The route: Madikeri – Sampaje – Kallugundi – Chembu (Umbale water falls), Distance:  For More....
[cl-ib title="Kuppehole" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#dd3333"]
Kuppehole Waterfalls:
The Kuppehole Falls near Haleri, off the Madikeri-Sunticoppa-Kushalnagar road is in full flow. The roar of the water piercing the eerie silence of the surroundings is bewitching. Muddy water coming down in huge sheets along the woods is a great sight. It joins the  For More....
[cl-ib title="Karike " animation="aidos" bgcolor="#1e73be"]
Karike – Treasure of Water Falls:
In raining season, about 25 waterfalls welcomes you near
karike village near to Bhagamandala, which is Kodagu-Kerala border area. No residents are found nearby as this area is covered with thick forest. The different falls seems to For More....
[cl-ib title="Abhimatta Bachalli" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#1e73be"]
Abhimatta Bachalli Waterfalls:
Abhimatta Bachalli Waterfalls, Somwarpet, Karnataka is next to Somwârpet and is located in Karnâtaka, India. Abbimatta Falls located 7 Kms from Somwarpet in Bachalli Village. For More....
[cl-ib title="Kotebetta " animation="aidos" bgcolor="#dd3333"]
Kotebetta Eshwara Falls:

Visit to Kotebetta Eshwara Falls can also be combined with other tourist attractions across the Coorg. There are many ideal locations to visit in and around this wonderful Place, with prominent local landmarks.  visit to Kotebetta Eshwara Falls will give you a For More....
[cl-ib title="Surlabhi " animation="aidos" bgcolor="#8224e3"]
Surlabhi waterfalls:
This falls is about 40 km from Madikeri.. you need to first go to Madapur from Madikeri than ask for surlabi road(this road also takes you to Shiridi Ghat and Subramanya) Its a great drive, just need a vehicle with good ground clearence. For More....
[cl-ib title="Mukkodlu (Kote Abbi)" animation="aidos" bgcolor="#008000"]
Mukkodlu (Kote Abbi)waterfalls:

Kote Abbi waterfall  near Mukkodlu village.This falls is about 20 km from Madikeri. For More....

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